Welcoming Sergio Drago to the Ancestrel family

Sergio Drago, a relative newcomer to the world of winemaking, began his journey working alongside Alessandro and Aldo Viola in the vineyards of northwestern Sicily. They continue a friendship, as close as brothers, a bond born whilst studying viticulture and Oenology together at University, supporting each other to this day.

Since purchasing his vineyards in 2017, in the quintessential growing region for the indigenous variety Catarratto, in Alcamo, between Palermo and Marsala, Sergio has become a rising star in the region, gaining high praise and attention for producing some of the finest wines in the area.

Sergio works with five hectares and plans to keep production low, focusing on quality. Catarratto is king here, but he also produces a Rosato and Rosso from Nero d’Avola and Syrah. His total offering of five wines is focused and fills four categories, white, orange, pink and red. Vines are tended to with organic techniques; although he is yet to be certified, there is no intervention in the vineyard or cellar, just the way we like it. Today he references his years working at commercial wineries, an experience which gives him the conviction to work in a natural way today. The wines produced here are rich and nuanced, with remarkable freshness and identity of the local terroir.

His entire 2022 offering is now with us and available UK wide.