New Arrivals from Podere Pradarolo

It was in 1989 that Alberto took a leap of faith, to pursue a life connected to the earth’s natural cycles. He purchased a piece of history, an ancient town hall in a valley in Parma, with a series of outhouses that included a disused 18th-century chapel within 60 hectares of land. 

Alberto approached the project with a deep conviction, not to make wine, but to preserve history, focusing on the conservation and preservation of their home, respectfully restoring it to its former glory, a project which is still ongoing today. 

Driven by a desire to produce wines made as they would have been, indigenous varieties, minimal intervention, all with the absence of artificial additives. These vineyards, placed on the left bank of the river Ceno, are blessed with a unique microclimate, a constant flow of sea air allows for cool temperatures year-round, producing happy vines on the entirely south-facing natural amphitheatre that houses them. Located miles from any other farm the air and terroir are pure here, completely free of any cross-contamination from artificial fertilisers used by other producers.

Today both Claudia and Alberto act as preservationists, in the vines they work using organic methods, focusing on three local varieties, Malvasia, Barbera, and Termarina. In the cellar, underneath the farm’s ancient barn, they allow for natural fermentation only, without temperature control or the addition of sulphur. All the wines produced here, with the exclusion of their Rosé, undergo extreme periods of maceration. A production technique they believe eases digestion while connecting the drinker to the local area. 

Alberto and Claudia are full of conviction in everything they do, and even their sweet wines are bottled free of any added sulphur.

We have just received a shipment of the latest releases from Podere Pradarolo, including their all new Indocilis Bianco. If you have any questions at all, let us know.