Since his first vintage in 2020, Marc has treated each cuvée as an experiment, trial and error, allowing radical learning curves to give the maximum deserved value to each fruit variety through fermentation. Rules are limited, but there is strictly nothing added or taken away.

This experimental attitude is framed within the design and artwork on each label; inspired by zine culture, Marc wanted to allow each cider to be a page of his zine, capturing underground culture. The design was put together by friend Marc Monguilod, using a black and white palette, allowing the colour of each cider to be at the forefront. Each label features artwork from a different artist, part of their close circle of friends, and is constantly influenced by each cider’s flavours, aromas, colours, and name.

We only have a small amount of 6 Pilgrims & Ziprist available for now. They’re drinking beautifully and are so well suited to the season, we’d recommend snapping some up if you are interested.

Available to trade while stocks last.