Presenting : La Perdida

Presenting La Perdida from Nacho Gonzalez. La Perdida translating as “The Lost” produces wine in a style that was nearly lost in the Valdeorras DO, with it becoming a destination for large wineries seeking flat land to grow commercial Godello. We are very glad to have found La Perdida.

Nacho seeks to stray from what the area is now known for and endeavours to revive the great history the region has of grape growing and non-industrial farming methods. He chooses to be dynamic about where he works which is now more often remote and isolated from the centre of the Designation of Origin.

A trained biologist turned winemaker since inheriting the vineyard from his grandmother, Nacho was thought to be crazy as he was not using herbicides and allowing the vineyard to grow wild which is not often seen by neighbouring farmers. In that respect he is glad to be an Island and determined to grow grapes and make wine as he thinks it should be. This has paid off, now having gained a reputation in the natural wine world, and recognised internationally for his work in maintaining and preserving the history of Spanish winemaking.

Nacho uses Tinajas (Clay Amphora), which undergo a two-year ageing process and very old oak barrels for ageing his wines as he prefers the vessel not to intervene with the final profile of his wines. Nacho is experimental in the winery and works traditionally in the vines without ever using sulphur. Palomino and Garnacha Tintorera are used in the majority of bottling as these grapes are an important part of the region’s history. Other grapes used are; Godello from an old vineyard which he skin-ferments in amphora as well as small amounts of Mencía and Sumoll from Catalan. All the vines are co-planted to upkeep another tradition of the region.

His wines are produced in small quantities, only 300 cases, he is happy working at this scale as it allows him to remain in touch with his vineyards and his wines. O Trancado, A Chaira, D Proscrito, O Pando, Malas Uvas are now available at our online shop, our store in Bermondsey and to the trade.