New Arrivals from Valli Unite

In 2007, we first met Valli Unite, a ‘united valley’ co-op of farmers, bakers, butchers, and creative-minded people in the hills of Piedmont. It was an immediate connection; we have worked alongside the beautiful co-operative ever since.

At that time, winemaking was in a transitional period. Ottavio, who had been in charge of the winemaking since the foundation of the co-operative in 1981, had been influenced by the younger generation. Alessandro had recently joined and planted the seed of a different style of winemaking, closer to the nature they were all determined to protect. Indigenous yeasts and the absence of additions were slowly becoming the way of working in their cellar. Between 2007 and 2013, each cuvée in production went from conventional to natural winemaking techniques. All 20 hectares are farmed by Dirk, Alessandro, and the rest of the team in harmony with nature. They are only modified by human hands where necessary, pure, simple, and natural.

Valli Unite is a successful example of how a skill share can survive and thrive in a modern climate. Now, more than 40 members of Valli Unite work year-round together. Time is shared and split among many projects, from foraging to farming. There is an on-site butchery, restaurant, guesthouse, and shop that are only a minute’s walk from the cellar. Solar power is used for energy, and building materials for many homes and buildings have been sourced from natural resources on the estate.

Wine is a crucial source of income for the extended family at Valli Unite and their only widely exported product. The team sees it as their way to reach the homes, hearts, and tables of people worldwide, a transmission of their philosophy. These wines, described as not being ‘technical wines’ but ‘real wines’, are an expression of the exchange between the earth, the sky, and humankind. You will find a sense of honesty in these wines not often found elsewhere.  

We received a focused selection of some of the co-operative’s greatest hits ahead of their recent visit to the UK. 

Available while stocks last.