New Arrivals from Stéphanie Roussel | Château Lassolle

The story of the infamous Château Lassolle, as we now know it to be, began over two decades ago. It was in 2002 that Stéphanie discovered the 9 hectares and large Château in the Côtes Marmandais, on the edge of Bordeaux and Sauternes. Inspired to follow the great Lalou Bize-Leroy, after her first taste of the wines of the coveted Burgundian domaine, to change her lifestyle, giving up her Bistrot and following a path to becoming a vigneronne.

The old vines Stéphanie found on her arrival, many of which were indigenous and rarely seen or heard of in the neighbouring Bordeaux were converted to Biodynamic farming, in keeping with the ideologies of her reference, Madame Bize-Leroy.

Today, the fervent Stéphanie works in harmony with nature. Her winemaking technique is a collaboration with nature. With vines raised in the company of the wild rabbits and deer that inhabit the surrounding forests. Growing as they wish, Stéphanie attempts only to interpret them as best as she can, as a part of the natural cycle and nothing more.

In the cellar, she has relieved herself from what she considers to be the stress of oak, replacing almost her entire cellar with Italian amphora and cement tanks, where she believes the wine can bloom, accompanied by the constant music that plays on the CD player, the wines mature to the sounds of Pink Floyd, Beethoven or Mozart. Her egg-shaped amphora were formed with consideration to the golden ratio, a shape which naturally circulates the juice, meaning no need for any pumping or pressing. The moderate oxidation offers greater tension to the wine, a quality greatly appreciated at Lassolle.

These are truly unique wines from a truly unique place, and it is a pleasure to have them grace the pages of our portfolio after what has been little over a year but has felt like an age.

Available now as a three-bottle pack for a limited time only.