After much anticipation, we are delighted to be able to release a small allocation of wines from Podere Orto. Perhaps the finest & most poised offering we have ever had from the tiny domaine that sits sandwiched between Lazio, Tuscany & Umbria.

When hearing the story of how they ended up here, it seems as if it was fate. Over a glass of their Bianco 2019, as we look over the 30 or so vines in their oldest vineyard, planted by their neighbour in the 1970s, Simona explains that this place chose them. Having everything they thought they could have ever wanted and needed in Rome, they knew something wasn’t right and longed for a different kind of life. The passion at Podere Orto is evidence that they made the right decision.

The wines here are produced spontaneously, reacting to the seasons and adapting each year. The unique climate and high altitude provide warm days and cold nights, creating wines with delicate and balanced acidity.

Giuliano planted most of the vines himself, paying the utmost attention to the direction of each variety in relation to the sun. His north-facing whites are incredibly fresh, and his west-facing reds are deeply thoughtful. Amai blends the two for a light yet complex rosato. Giuliano & Simona have made history by creating Podere Orto, and we feel lucky to experience a tiny part of it every time we drink a bottle.

The 2021 vintage provides a remarkable level of digestibility, with the Amai being lighter than previous vintages, transporting us back to the 2017 vintage of this rosato, when hardship forced a reaction, giving us this wine for the first time.