New Arrivals from Macea & Camiliano

Presenting the most recent landing from infamous brothers Cipriano and Antonio Barsanti, legends of Tuscan winemaking and internationally recognised masters of biodynamics.

Macea, a 13th century watchtower in the shadow of the Apuan Alps, is not only the birthplace of the Barsanti brothers but also home to the 1.5 hectares of vines, planted on the steep slopes surrounding their childhood home. The vines here are hidden by a mass of wild herbs, olive trees and wild carrots, a true vision of biodiversity on the tiny circle of land passed down through generations of the Barsanti family. Over the last 20 years, through Cipriano’s vision and Antonio’s attentive connection with nature, Macea’s reputation has been elevated, indisputably placed alongside others as a world class wine.

In 2013, Cipo had run out of space to grow grapes at Macea and decided to look further afield, dreaming of an experimental project that would increase his production of natural and biodynamic wines, whilst supporting his family to create a viable business alongside the tiny production from his hillside at Macea, so he took a lease on seven hectares, 20 minutes away. Camiliano was then born, a biodynamic project, scaled up, with a production of 20,000 more bottles per year than Macea. Here, Cipriano and fellow winemaker, Samuele Martelli produce wines of the region, growing classic Tuscan grapes and producing them in line with local tradition, albeit with the addition of a strict biodynamic backbone.

The project at Macea remains a contrast to that of Camiliano, Antonio’s involvement results in a meeting of minds, where the minute quantities of wine produced reveal the link between the vines, the brothers and their father, who’s self portrait sits on the label of their Sauvignon Blanc. Here everything starts with the climate, the unique shaded hillsides of Macea are particularly suited to cool climate varietals, a stark contrast to the open plains, and unshaded vineyards of their contemporaries who sit on the rolling hills of Tuscany, where the varietals selected by Cipo and Samuele for Camiliano are so well suited, Sangiovese, Syrah and Vermentino. Here at Macea they focus on Pinot Nero, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, vinified in a more traditionally French way, part carbonic maceration and ageing in old French oak barrels, punched down with an ancient olive branch.

Only an hour from Lucca, in the north of Tuscany you will find these two vineyards, with two different labels, but with the same blood line. Moving along different tracks with innumerable parallels, the most obvious being their theory and practice of biodynamics. Allowing for interpretation whilst intervening as little as is possible.

We now have a trio of Tuscan wines from Camiliano, Macea’s Pinot Nero and their illusive Bianco Toscana, only produced in the best vintages from the smallest plots on their tiny domaine, production is limited, with only 200 bottles made in this vintage. We are also very lucky to have received an allocation of their olive oil, which is for friends and family only and not produced for commercial sale, strictly while stocks last.

We have put together a mixed case with all the offerings from Macea & Camiliano, available on our online bottle shop for one week only.

Photography by Benjamin McMahon