New Arrivals from La Perdida

La Perdida, or “The Lost” is the brainchild of Nacho Gonzalez, a winemaker with generations of knowledge and vines inherited from his Grandmother, in the heart of Valdeorras, a winemaking region best known for its production of commercial Godello.

It is here that Nacho began his journey to revive ancient regional winemaking tradition, bringing back the lost methods that have become extinct in recent years, an island of natural winemaking in a sea of vineyards producing grapes exclusively for industrially produced wines.

Originally a trained biologist, Nacho made a career change when he inherited vines from his grandmother. From the very first day, Nacho cut out all use of herbicides, despite the attempts of discouragement from neighbouring farmers. It is this attitude, understanding and confidence in nature and its processes that have made La Perdida infamous. An internationally recognised farmer, held in high esteem for his work in maintaining and preserving the history of Spanish winemaking.

In the cellar, Nacho uses a variety of vessels, but many of his wines spend much of their lives in clay amphora, alongside a range of cuvées that undergo ageing in old oak barrels or steel. There is never any sulphur added, whether in tank or bottle and often wines sit under flor, a veil of yeast, whilst in amphora, barrel or tank.

His small, but manageable production of 300 cases per year is enough for Nacho, he is very happy working at this scale. There is a strong focus on the indigenous varieties Palomino and Garnacha Tintorera with some addition of Godello, Mencía and Sumoll in other cuvées, with all vines co-planted, to allow for a diverse environment.

We have just received our allocation of his most recent vintage and are offering a selection of these online now.