New Arrivals from Amos Baneres

Introducing our newest arrivals from Amós Bañeres – pharmacist-turned-natural-evangelist and eventually, winemaker: Amós is equal parts spiritual and rational, and transfers this approach with immense precision to the micro cuvées he produces on the tiny parcels of his family vineyard.

After studying medicine for 5 years and embarking on a 7-year career as a pharmacist, Amós decided he wanted more from life. He and his wife made a radical decision and took their two kids off on a sailing boat to Greece for an entire year. It was this period that led Amós to the conclusion that a life in nature was the life he wanted for him and his young family, and decided to take the leap into winemaking.

Amós returned to school in Tarragona to study viticulture and eventually took over his family’s few hectares of vines nearby. Following his studies he spent two years in a large cellar, the main thing he learnt through this experience was exactly what he did not want to do; but what he did want was to produce small quantity of top-quality, honest wines. His first vintage in 2011 was limited to two wines, 1000 bottles each from tiny parcels of the same vineyard. 

Amós now farms 5 hectares of vines, organically and exclusively by hand. He works with an intense level of attention to detail, and near medical precision. Marking each vine before pruning to determine individual density, or removing leaves that are too old or unable to provide proper photosynthetic value to the grapes. 

He limits production to only 5,000 bottles per year, produced in a garage on his parents’ farm; all work is done by hand and/or foot, and great care is practiced at every stage, no additives are used whatsoever, at any point in his process.

Amós has a goal to make special wine, and that he does. Intensely packed with aromatics and complexity, a perfect harmony of acidity and alcohol with a wonderful ability to manage even the most difficult vintages with his mind-blowing level of finesse. These wines are some of the most unique from the region and truly need to be tried in order to comprehend what can be achieved in this climate and with these grapes.

In 2015 Amós began to work on some Negociant wines, operating as a consultant and expanding his project base, introducing wines from Tenerife and a larger project Els Vinyerons, producing incredible quality wines at a higher quantity and lower price.

We have Amós’ full selection available online now, some of the quantities are so low that we feel lucky to have ever tried them ourselves. A mixed case of 5 of his wines can be purchased for one week only at 15% off.

Strictly while stocks last and an absolute must try.