We are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest Turi Bianco & Rosso from Salvatore Marino. Those who made it to our last tasting will have tasted these already. For those who couldn’t make it, we’re giving you a heads-up that they’re now available before they’re gone.

Turi Marino is a Pachino, Sicily-based winemaker with a traditional touch. He focuses on local varieties and is committed to the region’s soil and the balance of nature. From five generations of winemakers, Turi has long known the phrase “wine is made in the vineyard”, an ethos he carries with him today. His vines are planted as freestanding bushes and are only cared for and cultivated using the most natural methods, entirely by hand. Salvatore adopts a non-interventionist approach in the cellar, crafting artisanal wines with abundant character.