Panduro is a shared dream of two friends, Ibon – an artisanal producer of olive oil, and Henrik – a chef who had ventured into importing and sourcing exceptionally made Spanish produce.

The two had discovered one another through their passion for produce – sharing an interest in olive oil (and wine), the latter building a bond with the infamous Mallorcan winemakers Eloi Cedo (Sistema Vinari) and Cati Ribot.

It was in 2018 that Eloi and Cati reached out, inviting Ibon and Henrik to share their cellar and winemaking facilities. With their help, Panduro Vinos produced their first vintage, with grapes sourced from local farmers and friends. Intervention since their first vintage has been minimal, intending to express with honesty what they have been given by the terroir, producing the kind of wine they both enjoy.

2021 was the next central turning point for the project. The duo acquired their first parcels of vines, small plantings of old vines of Callet and Mantenegro in Mallorca and a more extensive vineyard on the mainland called Panduro, 60-year-old vines of Monastrell.

Today’s project continues with the same ethos with which it began: find a vineyard, share a cellar and produce honest and pure wines whilst building on their small infrastructure of shared relationships, resulting in a project created from collaboration, producing wines that are defined and pure representations of the climate, terroir and varieties with which they work.

A selection of their wines are available to trade now.