Introducing Matthias Orsett | Valais, Switzerland

We first heard about Matthias Orsett, a young winemaker working in the Swiss mountains, from our mutual friend Simon (Café Clandestin, Poligny). Simon met Matthias while picking grapes with Anthony Tortul (La Sorga). After a week of harvesting, Matthias joined Simon in his van back to the Jura, where they completed the harvest at Les Valseuses. Keen to pursue winemaking, Matthias sought advice over dinner and found himself knocking on Pierre Overnoy’s door the following morning. It wasn’t long before they agreed to have him work in the vines and cellar for the year.

In 2021, Matthias settled in the steep hills of Fully and Bex, managing one-hectare of vines alone. Nestled between 460 and 870 meters above sea level, these vineyards are cultivated entirely by hand using organic methods. The soil is left untilled, and grass is cut as late as possible.

At harvest time, Matthias and friends collect grapes in small 20 kg crates, they hand de-stem using a traditional sieve and press using an old Marmonier vertical ratchet press. All cuvées are kept parcel and varietal specific to express the grape variety and terroir. Whites are barrel-aged for nine months on fine lees, while reds focus on fruit and freshness, avoiding interventional extraction techniques.

Matthias’s wines are sealed with crown caps, a choice made to preserve freshness and avoid cork taint. The labels, created by photographer Angélique Stelhi using cyanotype, feature a different plant in each vintage—yarrow in 2021 and wild watercress in 2022.

When we met Matthias for the first time in March this year, it was inspiring to see a young winemaker working the land with vines perched at 870 meters, above the clouds. Despite the strenuous nature of the work, it was clear Matthias has the energy and enthusiasm to continue for many vintages to come. Tasting through barrels and bottles in his cold cellar, we were impressed by the distinctiveness of each cuvée. Production may be small, but the future is bright, and we are proud to represent such a promising winemaker early in his journey.