Frisant and more from Il Farneto

We have just received our summer shipment of wines from our good friend Tomasso Turci of Il Farneto, perfectly timed to be on shelves, tables and in parks and parties in our wonderful British sunshine.

Every wine as refreshing as the other, with accessibility in mind, great wines at great prices, made to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones, whatever the occasion.

All three of his famous Frisant selection are back, alongside the second vintage of his already infamous skin contact Malvasia, Giandon and his flagship white, Spergle. All tasting wonderful and ready as they are. 

Available online now, or straight from our fridge at our bottle shop on Spa Terminus Market, Bermondsey. All day tomorrow and Saturday. Drop by for a bottle to take away, or sit with us for a glass in the sun.